Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome Sarah

My brother and sister in law had a beautiful baby girl on Monday. (I know I'm slow to blog about it but I've been playing catch up from being in DC this past weekend and going to Vegas this week). Anyways, Her name is Sarah Jane and she is adorable. We can't wait to meet her. If you want to check out her story you can go to their blog - 50 toes which is now 60 toes. Congrats to the family.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

3 Years ago today...

The Lord blessed us with a smart, caring and beautiful girl. It has been fun to see her grow over the past 3 years. She is very determined and always accomplishes what she sets her mind to. She has become quite the independent little girl that likes to do things on her own. This trait has allowed her to master new skills everyday.

We started the day off by carrying on the Scott tradition of having funnel cake on your birthday. I know it's not the healthiest way to start the day but I reasoned with myself by saying it's just like a donut. The kids loved them - of course who wouldn't love fried dough with powder sugar on top? I think the powder sugar was their favorite because they kept licking it off their plate. Aunt Katie was here so she got to join in on the breakfast fun before heading to my parents.

After church we had lunch, cake and let Ainsley open one present. We were trying to wait until dinner but she had been talking about her birthday cake for over 3 weeks. She couldn't wait to have a Dora cake with pink flowers. Since it was her birthday we decided to let her have cake early. We told her to pick one gift and of course she picked the biggest box. Well, she ripped it half way and decided that was not the gift she wanted and said, no I want that one pointing to another. Then we figured out she was trying to find the present with the puzzles. (She knew she was getting them because she was with me when I bought them.) Luckily I knew which box it was and she was happy as a clam when she opened them. The girl LOVES puzzles!! She did both puzzles in no time and it was off to bed for a nap. After nap time we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's. Let me warn other parents never go to Chuck E. Cheese's on a Sunday night. It was packed. After all the tokens were spent, prizes picked out and pizza eaten we headed home to open the rest of the presents. For those of you that don't know Ainsley is in her ballerina phase. If you tell her she's smart she says "No, I'm a Ballerina." She sits in her car seat repeating "I'm a ballerina, I'm a ballerina, I'm a ballerina" over and over and over and over again. She loves Angelina Ballerina which is not the easiest toy to find. Monte's parents got her a ballerina doll that hooks to her feet and she can dance with it. We got her a tutu so she danced with her tutu on and the ballerina on her feet. After eating cake for a second time it was time for bed. All and all we had a great day celebrating the birth of our little princess - I mean ballerina.


I know I'm late blogging about Easter but when I was downloading the pictures from Ainsley's birthday I realized I never downloaded the Easter ones. We don't have many pictures because my camera was on the fritz over Easter but luckily it was working today for Ainsley's birthday.

We went to my parents lake house for Easter and had a great time relaxing and spending time with family. Their house is amazing and we talked about how we can't wait for it to get warmer so we can go in the lake and pool. While there Beckham enjoyed playing with all of the toys I used to play with when I was a kid (good thing mom and dad never throw anything out) and Ainsley did puzzles the whole time - I kid you not she did them nonstop. That girl LOVES puzzles and is amazing at them. More on that in another blog.

My sister Amy was able to make it down with her fiance David so we had an engagement dinner for them. His mother and extended family were there too. We did the traditional Easter stuff like dying eggs which the kids loved. Beckham wasn't very gentle with his eggs. I think 2 or 3 of his cracked from the force of being drop from 2 feet above the bowl. On Easter we got to go to my sister Megan's church and see her Baptized. It was fun to be able to attend and be apart of. They have a slide that goes from the 2nd story to the 1st which Beckham loved. It was a fun Easter and now we look forward to warmer weather so we can go in the lake next time.