Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Baba

Well, the last time I wrote on my blog it was Ainsley's birthday seems fitting that my next post would be about Beckham's birthday. A ton has gone on in our family (most of you know about the scare we had with Ainsley) but that is for a different blog entry. This one is for Beckham.

Happy Birthday to our kind hearted boy. 6 years ago today the Lord blessed us with a rather large (10# 13 oz) baby boy. Beckham is such a special kid that bring such life and joy to our family. He is a bright young boy that is always thinking and figuring stuff out. You can always see the wheels in his head turning. Not only is he smart but he is one of the most compassionate kids I know. He is always asking about others and is eager to share and comfort his friends. This past year he has also developed quite the sense of humor and is already taking after his dad with quick witted come backs. He is so much fun to be around and you never know what you'll end up talking about. The kid has an extensive imagination. He is definitely a special part of our family and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful son. It will be fun to see how Beckham develops and who he grows up to be.

**Pictures to come tomorrow once I down load the ones from his party. I also promise to blog about Ainsley's story in the next few weeks.