Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

The kids enjoyed trick or treating this year (when do they not?). This year Beckham was Captain America and Ainlsey was a Tiger. The rain didn't keep us away. Luckily it stopped raining when I took them. Unfortunately for Monte it started raining when it was his turn. A good time was had by all and now we have enough sugar to last us a long time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

For a year Beckham has been begging us to do Karate but we could never fit it into our schedules. This fall we found a wonderful karate (taekwondo) place. They are class schedule is flexible and the instructors are great. We sign Beckham up in hopes that it would help his self confidence and his muscle planning skills. After a two weeks we already noticed a difference. He is loving it and is learning so much. The teach self discipline, respect, confidence, leadership, the actual karate skills, and self defense. A few weeks ago Beckham earned his orange belt. he was so proud of himself and we were proud of him. Monte and I were shocked at graduation when Beckham raised his hand to answer a question in front of everyone (40+ kids and 60+ adults). He stood up and in a loud voice answered the question! That proves how much confidence he has gained in a karate because earlier that month his school teacher had made the comment "I just want him to talk to me." We are proud of our little orange belt and know that he is going to continue to work hard and earn his yellow belt soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So it's been awhile

I haven't blogged since Beckham's birthday so I don't even know where to begin. The summer came and went and now the air is getting cool and the leaves are starting to fall. A lot has happened since May. we had an eventful summer. Monte and I celebrated out 10th anniversary and went to the Dominican Republic. My mom and dad watched the kids which was such a blessing. It was nice to spend a whole week together with no responsibilities. Monte went to India for 3 weeks for work. We spent lots of time at the lake and pool this summer. Beckham learned how to swim and loves his new water wing free freedom. While Monte was in India the kids and I went to the school bus races again. Always a highlight for the kids (well, Beckham more than Ainsley). Beckham started kindergarten and is loving it. Ainsley is in the 4 year old class at our church preschool. She goes 5 days a week so she thinks she is a big girl. A lot more has gone on but I don't think I could put it all. I just waned to post an update to ease myself back into the blog world.