Saturday, March 7, 2009

PJs and Ice Cream

What better way to end a glorious day than with PJs and ice cream? Bruster's Ice Cream is right up the road from us and every year they have a PJ party. Anyone that wears their pajamas gets a free waffle cone of ice cream. So after dinner we put the kids in their PJs and headed to Brusters for free ice cream. The kids loved it and so did we because when we got home we just put them straight to bed since they were already in their pajamas!

Today was a wonderful day. It started off hanging out with friends of ours we knew in Chicago that now live in the Winston/Salem area. The Clemmons stopped by on their way to Hilton Head. It is always fun to see old friends. Unfortunately the visit didn't last long because I had to go teach swim lessons and they had to get on the road. While I taught lessons Monte took the kids to Home Depot to do the monthly project. Today's was a tough one and since it was 2 on 1 (Monte vs the kids) only one project got done. When I saw the finished product I was quite impressed - 2 ramps for little cars to race down. From there he took the kids to Target to get popcorn and a drink - which the kids love doing. I got home and packed a lunch for us to take to the park. Today was a perfect day - sunny, not too hot and not a cloud in the sky. It was great to be outside. It's funny to think that the kids had 2 snow days this week and it was in the 70s today. We spent the majority of the day outside enjoying the weather hoping it stays like this. All in all it was a great day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Verse #5

I'm a day late posting but here is verse #5 for the first two weeks in March.

"Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Cry out for insight and understanding." Proverbs 2:2-3

Snow In March?

Snow Day in March? In the South? Yep! We got about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday. Can you believe that? We haven't seen that much snow since leaving Chicago. Of course school was canceled and the kids got a snow day. Both kids were up bright and early this morning begging to go play in the snow. What does one do if they live in the south and they don't have attire or sleds to go sledding? Improvise!! The kids were in miss-matched layers of clothes. And the sleds - cookie sheets. FYI - They work great! We do have an old sled that Monte's dad and Monte used when they was a kids. It worked well in this time (in the past there was never enough snow for it to work).

After bundling the kids up we headed out to the golf course to do some sledding. By the way, I'm am thankful we don't live up north because I would dread bundling the kids up everyday - it took so much longer than just throwing on a coat. The kids had a ball sledding until their feet and hands got cold (no boots just tennis shoes and only one pair of knit gloves per kid). After coming in to warm up Ainsley and I decided to venture out again and build a snow man. I'm sure he won't last but he was fun to make.

There are a few nice things about snow in the south - it doesn't happen often and it's gone by noon. That's my type of snow! Here are a few pics from our snow day in March!!

Beckham making the first run down the hill

Beckham at the bottom

Ainsley's turn

Monte's attempt on the cookie sheet


Our Snowman
(the sun shining on Ainsley's face is a pretty good indication that the snowman won't last long - maybe until lunch)