Friday, January 8, 2010

Ainsley's story - Spring Break 2009

So I missed the deadline I set for myself regarding Ainsley's story. Here is the short version with a few pictures of her in the hospital.

Some of you may know the miracle that we experienced this past Spring Break. For those that don’t here is the recap (a very short version of all events that took place). As you read the story you will see the many places God intervened and saved sweet Ainsley’s life. Easter morning Ainsley woke up with a fever and said her foot hurt. When I couldn't get her fever down I took her to the ER. We were released so I headed back to my parents (we were there for spring break). I didn't even get out of the parking lot and she got sick again so I took her back to the ER. This time after many hours of observation they admitted us. Once admitted the attending pediatric Doctor didn't feel comfortable with her there. It wasn't a children’s hospital and if anything went wrong they wouldn't be able to help. So he transferred us to Children’s hospital in Greenville. Not even 5 min after we arrived at Children’s Ainsley crashed. Her body had turned septic and was starting to shut down. Thankfully we were 2 doors down from the Pediatric ICU. Words can’t express how a parent feels when they hear the nurse say, “I can’t find her pulse” and you see your child whisked away with 10-12 nurses and doctors around her. Thankfully they were able to get her vitals back and stable. Turns out she had a blood infection that turned her body toxic. Ainsley spent 6 days in ICU and had every test imaginable run on her. After that she was released to the pediatric floor for a few more days. Ainsley was like a case on the show House. She was the case of the day every day. All the doctors and residents were trying to figure it out. They never did figure out how she got it. The hospital staff and doctors at Greenville Children’s were amazing! Especially her infectious disease doctor. The Lord was so good to us during this whole ordeal and it made us realize how precious life is and how we need to cherish every moment we have with our kids. Thank you to all that prayed for us, supported us and helped out during this difficult time. A few weeks later you would have never known she was sick. It’s amazing how fast the body heals and how fast kids bounce back. Until this year I never thought I would think the kids arguing would be music to my ears but it is now.
A picture of her foot where it all started. In the morning her foot only had a few red dots by Easter night her foot looked like this.

Heart breaking picture that floods back a lot of memories of the event. So sad looking.

Once we got out of ICU and she was feeling a little better we were able to take a ride in the chariot wheelchair.

Words can't express how great it was to see her smile and back to (somewhat) normal. The Lord is good.

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Marie said...

I just happened upon your blog and read your terrifying story about your beautiful daughter. As a mother and now grandmother, I can only try to imagine the horror of it all. Thank God she is well. Your story is one of faith, hope and thankfully, happy endings! Marie